Interview: David Chase

Open-ended Role Playing Games are popular among people who love fantasy. When David Chase was a teenager, he used to play Dungeons & Dragons, one of the best selling of the genre. The game consists of a board and a book that sets specific rules, but also allow the characters to embark upon imaginary adventures.

David enjoyed being the narrator and controlling the world where he was playing. One thing leads to another. Because David was a prolific reader, he wrote his first book in 2004. He decided to write more seriously in 2016 and joined The Write Practice ( David had finished writing two books. Now, he is working on his third novel.

The ability to live in the worlds he creates as the characters he creates fascinates David. “I love fantasy and to live in a world with dragons. I created two novels where the goddess Artemis is the main character. I am very familiar with her. I can do anything with her. Create anything I want,” he stated. The downside of writing and creating those worlds, David says, is the process. He considers a struggle putting into words the exact idea that is in his head.

For those interested in connecting with other writers, David suggests the website Meet Up. ( The website works as a tool to find different kinds of groups around the area where the person lives. Using this site, anyone can find writing groups, critique groups or book clubs a few miles away from their doorstep. David also mentioned that November is National Novel Writing Month. It forms the acronym NaNoWriMo, which is also the name of an annual Internet-based creative writing project ( In their website, writers from all over the world can find groups to join in their own region.