Interview: A. J. Mortimer

A. J. Mortimer has an inspiring story of her own. Reading wasn’t her favorite topic until middle school. In fact, using her own words, she hated reading before that time. “I’m dyslexic and in school was horrible when I had to read out loud,” she recalled.

Her life has changed after reading “The Darkroom,” by Janice Harrell. A.J. began there a new relationship with books that brought her into the world of writing. “I started to write little things, descriptions, weather, clouds, rain, stupid little things like that,” she said.

Sharing her stories with other people is her favorite trait about writing. A.J. loves the idea of someone understanding what she is talking about. But like a coin has two sides, sharing her stories is also the aspect she likes the least. She credits it to the anticipation after giving her story for someone to read and the fear of rejection.

For A. J., Facebook writing groups are good option to connect. She recommends Writers Helping Writers (, because it has editors and writers from all levels, from amateurs to professionals.