Interview: Schuyler Pulliam

Schuyler Pulliam became involved with writing when she was a child. Essays and short stories were her favorite assignments in the English classes at school. When she grew up and went to college, she became too busy working full time to pursue her Graphic Design degree. She had to put her writing aside for a while.

One year ago, things changed and Schuyler Pulliam had contact with Sterling and Stone Publishing ( She took a couple of writing courses and started writing again. She always loved to draw, but she realized that her passion for writing was bigger.

The one thing she loves about writing is the freedom to create that comes with it. “I’m a fantasy writer. Fantasy is my genre and I like to create my own world and set my characters to adventures,” she said. On the other hand, the outline process is the aspect she likes the least in writing.

Finding other writers to connect is something Schuyler Pulliam says it doesn’t come easy for her. In her experience, the Facebook group The Smarter Artist ( is a good place to start.