Interview: Jewel Elise

Big imagination. Jewel Elise has a big imagination. It all started when she still was a child, the first time she wrote. She could see it in her mind. When she started to read on her own, she knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to write and to share her experience in writing with others.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Jewel became an author. She wrote several short stories and created a successful blog ( about the joys and the struggles of being a writer and a mother at the same time. “Through the blog you can connect with others, find other people like you,” she said.

Jewel recently published “The Writer Mom’s Manifesto.” The book states clearly that motherhood is not the end of the dream of any mother who wants to become a writer. It’s just the beginning. The author recognizes the challenges of finding time to write while raising children, but also points out to cases of well successful mothers who are also best selling authors. In other words, they wrote while they were raising their children. But, most importantly, Jewel Elise’s “The Writer Mom’s Manifesto” is a call to action for all writing mothers to stick together and support each other to find time to write.

She enjoys best writing fiction. It is almost as if she writes for herself. But she also is fond of editing and seeing a story coming alive, closer to what she had in mind. The one aspect of writing she doesn’t like as much is marketing. She recognizes that marketing is important, but observes that learning SEO and promoting herself takes her time away for writing.

Regarding where and how to connect with other writers, Jewel suggests the Facebook group Tribe Builders Network ( Another option she recommends is the website Medium (, which also has a Facebook group ( According to Jewel, it is a good source for sending messages, write stories and even make money.